Simplified procedures

We offer tailor-made transport services - regardless of whether you are interested in groupage, comprehensive or specialized transport, we will select the optimal logistics solution.


We have an extensive and advanced fleet of trucks. These are brand-name, fully functional vehicles from new years, the specificity and equipment of which are adapted to the implementation of various transport tasks.

Always on time

We guarantee a high level of logistics and forwarding services as well as advice on the transport of various types of cargo, including the forwarding of oversized cargo.

Domestic and international logistics

Services of domestic and international spedition.

The company T.S. TRANSPEED SP. Z O.O. has been on the market since 1995 and from the beginning, our company offers a wide range of forwarding services as well as consulting in the field of transport and customs agency services, both in import and export.

We are perceived on the market as a strong and experienced partner, ensuring high quality of the services we provide, as evidenced by the AEO certificate we hold.

Our own fleet and experience of employees allows us to deliver deliveries on time, we also have a developed network of contacts with carriers, which allows us to always propose an optimal solution tailored to a specific situation.


We safely carry out orders for the entire forwarding process!

T.S. TRANSPED SP. Z O.O. will be handed over by a qualified team of employees who are ready to provide services of the highest standard. As part of the services provided, the competent staff will select the most effective logistics solutions and a convenient option for sending the goods so that your product safely reaches its destination. formalities, will plan the most optimal route and choose the appropriate means of transport.

Experienced forwarders will advise you on difficult issues in the shipping and transport industry.

We offer

  1. Organization of sea transport of containers and general cargo.
  2. Organization of land transport of containers and general cargo.
  3. Organization of multimodal transport.
  4. Support for phytosanitary, veterinary and sanitary inspections.
  5. Customs clearance of cargoes in all procedures.
  6. Simplified fiscal clearance in imports with deferred VAT.
  7. Customs and logistics consultancy.

We provide

  1. Customs advice.
  2. Commercial consulting.
  3. Organizing all formalities on behalf of the Client.
  4. Provision of security for the duration of transit and against customs and tax duties.
  5. Cooperation with the Customs Office in Gdynia, Gdańsk, Warsaw and Łódź.

VAT settlement in accordance with the law in Poland

The company T.S. TRANSPED SP. Z O.O. It informs about the possibility of transaction settlement pursuant to art. 33a of the Act on tax on goods and services. This makes it possible to include imported goods in the procedure of admission to trading in the territory of the country, with the settlement of VAT on import in the VAT-7 / (K) declaration, without the need to pay VAT at customs clearance.

Advantages of the procedure

  1. Provides the option of cashless VAT settlement for the import of goods for the importer from Poland,
  2. The importer accounts for VAT in the tax return, without having to pay VAT at check-in. The importer does not have to “freeze” cash in VAT amounts, thanks to which he can turn his capital faster,
  3. Method of VAT settlement to art. 33aVAT is used both in standard import clearance and in import clearance through entry in the declarant’s register – simplified procedure.

Customer's Duty

  1. Registering as an active VAT taxpayer,
  2. Notification to the Tax Office of the intention to use the VAT settlement in accordance with art. 33a VAT,
  3. Submission to the Customs and Tax Office, locally competent for the taxpayer, of a declaration of non-arrears with social security contributions and of payments of taxes constituting the income of the state budget or submission to the above-mentioned Customs and Tax Office of certificates from the Social Insurance Institution and the Tax Office on no arrears with contributions, taxes,
  4. The validity period of the declaration expires after six months and you must then submit a new declaration of non-arrears as above.


The AEO status brings many benefits and facilitations for entrepreneurs, including the possibility of import clearance of goods in a simplified procedure.

The company T.S. TRANSPED SP. Z O.O has a permit for simplified clearance procedure (with an entry in the declarant’s register) in many recognized places in the Tri-City, including all container terminals.

If you are interested in clearance in the simplified procedure or / and with VAT settlement in the VAT-7 declaration, we will send you detailed information on the requirements.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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